Final Week.

It has been a long and arduous semester, but finally we are finished. I made my first ever website, though crude as it may be, it is a landmark in my learning this semester. I never thought I would learn this stuff! Now I feel comfortable enough to explore Dreamweaver more and really dig deeper.

In other news, next semester is when the crazy shit begins. I’ll be taking “Intro to digital video”, “Survey of world literature”, “Visual narration asia”, “Gesture drawing”, and last but certainly not least, “Intro to 3D graphics”. The last one will be my favorite I’m sure because it has the most to do with game design, my major. The ball seems to be rolling and it won’t stop soon! See ya later!


Week 14.

Most artists in the world are working their dream job, whatever it may be. My dreams aren’t impossible but it will take a lot of hard work and time to get there. To build a portfolio of the gnarliest most crazy creatures I can think up, that is my goal. I want to create the things nightmares are made of.

If I were to be completely honest, I don’t have much of a process in this. I spend most of my times playing games that I would’ve loved to be a part of, look at the enemies and creatures that inhabit the game and marvel at the detail and think “wow, why couldn’t I come up with that.” I spend more time beating myself up over choices rather than actually working on it and doing something about it. Once I have beaten myself down I throw on some music, pop in headphones and start drawing. Hopefully something great comes from my pencil. I prefer black and white work starting in sketchy pencil with slightly more precise inking over top of it.

When I was younger, I used to draw a lot more. A ton more, actually. I did a lot of clay animation in my spare time and made clay characters and sold them to my fellow classmates. I made a lot of money for a 5th grader. But then all my inspiration fell through the floor when an art school didn’t accept me and told me my work was “crap.” No joke. So, from that AWESOME experience, I basically stopped drawing for about five or six years. I know I’m going to hear “NO” a lot in this industry, but I feel more prepared now than ever. I like to think that the creature designs I come up with now are all about my inner hate for things. A collection of demons in my head that just can’t wait to get out onto the paper. I don’t even know what they look like until I start drawing. It’s only going to get better, too. I can feel it.


Week 13.

Another day in hell. More of this class and more clicking and hoping for the best with links and stuff. Oh well.

Week 12.

The superhero thing is finished! Except, I chose to be a villain instead. I was feeling maniacal while I was finishing it up, so it’s me burning down Detroit.

I talked briefly about the style I wanted last week, but I basically kept everything on one layer except the background… I just wanted to. I don’t know why, I just felt like it. No tutorials or anything were viewed, obviously, because it is very basic looking haha.


Week 11!

HI! I am having way too much fun doing this digital painting self portrait photo thing due week 12 haha. This should be a crime. I’m trying to keep it all on one layer with no opacity changes on any of the colors to make it more painterly and less like a digital rendering thing… you know what I mean? So it is chunky and shit on purpose, I always kinda liked that style. It’s like live painting in illustrator minus the cheating and single button clicks!

Here is my work in progress!


Tell me that isn’t an angry me with an irish curtain?! here is the original image that I am recreating from:





So there you have it! The work in progress!

Week 10.

Thank you Mike Dumas. You saved my ass this week.

He helped me work on my navigation links and header graphics. I didn’t know a CCS file could be so versatile and change all tags or things without individually editing them.

Now back to Skyrim!

Week 9 update.

This is stupid. The background image is too big to see all the work on it when viewed online. I mean, I know it’s because my laptop isn’t 1600 x 1200, but that is a stupid screen resolution anyways: Everyone has laptops nowadays. VERY few laptops can reach that resolution. Stupid. Here is the image of the background: